Our Aim

At the Dentist, we aim to provide premium quality private dental care at the best possible price. Our primary focus is customer satisfaction, convenience and reliability.

Our Story

Having worked as dentists for over fifteen years, we felt that there was something missing in terms of the options open to patients when it came to dental services.

Most patients only had the choice of very expensive private dentistry or often confusing mixed NHS/private options. After years of working in both these environments we felt there could be a better way to make premium quality private dental care affordable to all.

The ethos behind The Dentist is to create a professional yet friendly and relaxed practice. One where dentists can offer and patients can receive all the benefits of gold standard private care at prices comparable to mixed NHS practices.

At the heart of The Dentist’s philosophy is a focus on the highest quality treatment and excellent customer service all at affordable prices.

Together with our team of experienced dentists and specialists, we provide a customer journey that offers a reproducible gold standard of dental treatment and customer care every time a patent visits, regardless of who you see and how big or small the treatment you have.

Being so passionate about this new project we couldn’t think of a better place to open than in Balham, where we live. We are huge supporters of our local community and have transformed a location that was empty for over two years into a relaxed, welcoming and modern dental practice. We hope to see you soon.


Meet the team