Dental Emergencies

What do I do if I have toothache?

The best thing you can do is call us as soon as you can for advice. If necessary we will see you straight away to help get you out of pain. Call or book online for an emergency appointment.

Why have I got toothache?

The main reasons why you can get toothache are:

  • Generalised sensitivity.
  • Sensitivity following recent treatment.
  • Sensitivity or pain from broken tooth or filling.
  • Tooth decay.
  • Cracked cusp syndrome.
  • TMJ problems.
  • Sinus problems.
  • Grinding or clenching.
  • Dental abscess.
  • Gum problems.
  • Dry socket ( infection after extraction).
  • Pericoronitis.

There is no need to self diagnose, that’s what The Dentist is here for. Not only will we diagnose your problem, we will tell you how we can help you. If you are ever unsure, please call us.

The best thing to do is call us straight away for an emergency appointment.

In the mean time:

  • Avoid eating or drinking on it.
  • Avoid very hot or cold drinks to prevent sensitivity.

Swellings can be quite serious especially if they spread and start involving the eye or throat. Call us immediately for advice and an appointment.

  • Abscess from infected tooth.
  • Abscess from infected gum.
  • Trauma.

We advise you call us immediately for advice and an emergency appointment. In the mean time:

  • Avoid eating on that tooth.
  • If you have lost the tooth or a portion save it in milk or if not available saliva.
  • If we are to save the tooth the best chances are for immediate action, within an hour if possible.